Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

The Van Abbemuseum was intended from its beginnings to be part of the living community of Eindhoven and surroundings.
The ramp to the entrance preserves the unified design of the textured pavement. Photo Marcus Weisen.

La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida (The Incandescent House—hereafter, La Casa) showcases a charity institution’s transformation into a vibrant cultural centre for shaping society—its temporary art displays working to shape attitudes, counter stereotyping and address human rights.

The Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford exemplifies conversion of a heritage ‘temple museum’ into a contemporary ‘forum’ that enhances sharing dialogue—emphasising shared intercultural exchanges underlying today’s multicultural societies.

The Navigation Pavilion

This case study of the Navigation Pavilion illustrates transformation of an outmoded ‘grand narrative’ display to a theatrical space for showing fair representation—reviving “ordinary” voyagers’ tales excluded from Spain’s imperial maritime story.

La station de métro Municipio de Naples

The Municipio station is one of the 11 Art Stations along Line 1 (from Garibaldi to Piscinola) of the underground in Naples that are the result of a project by the municipal administration in Naples.
Municipio station exteriors rendering_1

Les musées civiques du Palazzo Buonaccorsi et le Musée de la Calèche

After being damaged by the 1997 earthquake, Palazzo Buonaccorsi is being restored and adapted to house Macerata’s Museum of Ancient Art, Museum of Modern Art and Coach Museum.

Kunsthaus KAT18

KAT18 conjures up the feeling of an inclusive Gesamtkunstwerk. It took a number of ingredients to make this low budget projet an unusual success.

The Kalmar Castle

Cutting-edge accessibility in 16th vaults, an elevator in the Kalmar Castle.
Kalmar Castle. Photo: Oktod AB

The wall of Ávila

Mediaeval city walls surrounding an historic city in central Spain, where the motto “Accessibility and Inclusion” has been adopted by the municipality as a key social and economic driver.
les remparts d'Avila

Universal Design Living Lab

Home adaptation and accessibility for historical urban houses. This case-study shows the succesful restoration and renovation of a typical early twentieth century Belgian urban terraced house (row house).

Fort Napoleon

From an inaccessible military bastion to an iconic accessible socio-cultural space.
Fort Napoleon. Aerial view.

Gallerie d'Italia

Depuis son ouverture en 2011, le musée se fixe l'objectif de rendre ses espaces accessibles.